A joy to work with, the team from Belfast Distillery Co. had recently restored the 1776 McConnell’s Irish Whisky brand after a period of dormancy and asked us to look at tone outside of the US. Our revitalised branding (now adopted worldwide) and story of this premium whisky has helped invigorate the product in a way nobody could have predicted and has become a hugely successful story. In 2023 the team will open a new Distillery at Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast and we are proud to be helping bring this fantastic brand back to the City it came from. 

"We have been working with Darragh Neely Design since 2021 when the team helped us delve into the McConnell’s brand identity, creating the McConnell’s brand playbook, and our ‘Belfast Born’ messaging. Since the creation of our Brand Book, we have worked on several projects ranging from Point-of-Sale material to Out-of-Home marketing. Each project is delivered with the same level of attention to detail, and always in line with our brand guidelines. Darragh Neely understands our brand and the trust we have built as a professional team creates an efficient and effective line of communication."

Sarah Kennedy 
Brand Manager
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