Queen's University Postgraduate Prospectus

23 October 2014 (1 comments)

We know prospectuses. We've designed so many now that they're no longer a chore. This one is different though. Different - good. The University decided to push courses online, bringing the bulk down from 300+ pages to around 80 pages of core information. The net effect was a slimmer, trimmer job with some flexibility on print so we could add a few 'sparkles' to it. The Postgrad market is a little more mature in nature so we took the opportiunity to add gold and white foil blocking (using a specially commissioned image from Peter Strain) and a nice grey board. Black ink (2X) on the inside front and back completes the look and uncoated throughout makes the job feel more grown up. It's going down well anyway . . .

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... is a great job. Not sure about the writing, though ;-)

Paul Wilson, 23 October 2014

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