Heavenly Herd

05 March 2012 (1 comments)

Premium yoghurt is fast becoming a popular and fashionable snack and sharing product. As evidenced by the range currently available from other well known brands and selling well in UK mainland. The product was to be layered. In short, it would use compote and Natural Greekstyle yoghurt to form marbling layers which would taste great and be visually appealing. Our brief was to create an entirely new brand for the guys at Clandeboye without losing the Estate name and at the same time, channel the design in a specific direction so as to appeal to the target markets (young professionals, empty nesters and sharing families). We created a new name in reference to their award-winning pedigree herd and branding to match. The flavours would be colour coded and simple in their styling so that the consumer could very quickly learn which pot was for them. It's just been released and will hit market shortly.

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just too good    too too good   spoon all needed and away we go!!
norma reid, 04 September 2012

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